Common Signs and Symptoms of Opioid Abuse

Posted on: January 15, 2021 by in Addiction
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Opioids are a class of both prescription medicines and illegal drugs that cause effects in the brain. They can block or reduce the number of pain signals sent to the brain making them effective pain killers. They can also cause the brain to release endorphins causing the user to feel happy, euphoric, or high. Those effects make these very addictive. Some opioid drugs that are commonly abused Continue Reading ...

Recognizing a Dual Diagnosis

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Recognizing a dual diagnosis can be difficult. It can take time to figure out what part is attributed to mental health disorder and what might be the drug or alcohol problem. Here are some general questions to ask yourself if you think you are experiencing a co-occurring disorder: Do you use alcohol or drugs to cope with memories or feelings, to control pain, to help with your moods, or to help you stay focused on tasks? Have you noticed a relationship between your mental health and your Continue Reading ...

Tips to Avoid Drug and Alcohol Relapses

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Everyone reacts differently to triggers and can have different solutions to help. Here are a few tips that can help guide you or a loved one through the urge to abuse substances. Plan your day out. This helps to prevent any surprises that would put you into a situation you are trying to avoid. Schedule and routines can go a long way in giving someone a feeling of calm and control over their own wellbeing. Leave if you are uncomfortable. If you are having trouble avoiding anything at an Continue Reading ...

Holiday Stress Can Lead to Substance Abuse

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The holidays tend to bring happiness and joy to those around you; however, for some, it can bring misery. The holidays can usher in an assortment of triggers like family issues, heartache, and grievances, to name a few. Holiday stressors can lead some to turn to substances or other destructive habits, such as: Excessive drinking. Along with many social gatherings, the holidays mean alcohol, which can be dangerous for alcoholics and those who struggle with addiction. There tends to be a Continue Reading ...

The Relationship Between Stress and Drug Abuse

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We all experience stress in our lives. Whether the stress comes from our work places, families, or somewhere else, everyone can relate to feeling stressed from time to time. Stress is our body’s response to events or changes, both good and bad. When we feel stress, our brain tends to use a “fight-or-flight” reaction. These reactions can involve: Accelerated heart rate Increased body temperature Blood pressure spikes Increased respiration rates A reduced need for Continue Reading ...

Recognizing an Addiction Problem

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First of all, if you believe that you or someone you love is facing an addiction problem, know that you are not alone. The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as a treatable, chronic medical disease that involves complex interactions about brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and life experiences. It is estimated that as many as 21 million Americans face addiction, but only 10 percent of those affected seek treatment. The good news is that treatment approaches for Continue Reading ...

Addiction Recovery During A Pandemic

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During these uncertain and difficult times, those who are in the stage of a drug or alcohol abuse recovery are particularly vulnerable. The stress that comes with COVID-19 and related social isolation can cause even worse substance abuse problems. A relapse occurs when patients during the recovery period from substance abuse suddenly break their abstinence. Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse points out that around 50% of people in the recovery stage fall back into their old life Continue Reading ...

How To Help a Loved One Suffering from Substance Abuse

Posted on: November 27, 2020 by in Addiction
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If someone close to you struggles with substance abuse, they are going to face physical symptoms and likely mental health issues directly related to their substance abuse. Both of these symptoms can be long term. It is also possible these symptoms will spill over into other areas of their life and cause suffering to family and/or friends. For those who know someone facing this struggle, it is crucial to bear in mind that you need to notice signs of substance abuse in order to learn how to Continue Reading ...

Mental Health and COVID-19: How to Cope with Stress

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Those who are suffering from mental health issues may be experiencing an increase in stress during this global pandemic. Worry and fear of the unknown can be overwhelmingly difficult to cope with. Know that what you are experiencing and going through can be common. There are a few behaviors to look out for or monitor to see if you or a loved one is dealing with stress in an unhealthy way. Physical behaviors of stress: Changes in sleep patterns or difficulty sleeping Increase in alcohol Continue Reading ...

Stimulant Use Disorder: There is Hope for Recovery

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Stimulant use disorder is when a person abuses stimulants, which leads to clinically significant impairment or distress. This impairment can lead from mild to severe. Stimulants are wide-ranging and include meth, cocaine, and amphetamines. To be diagnosed with stimulant use disorder, the person must have a pattern of problematic use of stimulants (excluding caffeine or nicotine) and have had at least two other symptoms within the past 12 months. Other symptoms include: Inability to reduce Continue Reading ...